Nos maisons cavernes

Our houses caves are all located on the Caldera.

Windows and terraces overlooking the sea and you can walk down a path to swim, walk in kayaks (provided free of charge by Rena, the owner) or jet-ski to small beaches accessible only by Wed

Our homes can be rented throughout the year for 1-4 persons (5-6 persons for Ampelia)

In the village of OIA, there is everything: supermarkets, car rental (car, scooter, motorcycle, quad, boat cruise), ATMs, restaurants, bars, pharmacy, etc.. ).

You will find the site rates with description of each house:

Cave House, 1 to 4 people, 1 bedroom with 1 double bed, 2 single beds in the dining room - 60m2 + terrace exclusive
Cave poets, 2 floors, 1-4 persons (1 bed 140 wide on each floor) - 30m2 + terrace exclusive
Ampelia, 1-5 persons: 1 bedroom with 1 double bed, a dining room with a single bed and 2 sofa can be used as bedding. 60m2 + terrace exclusive to the floor by a staircase and communal terrace with Armenaki
Faros, only 1 double bed, 25 m2, terrace exclusive front and a communal terrace with Drunken Boat
Armenaki only 1 double bed, 25 m2, bath jaccusi + common terrace with Armpelià
The Drunken Boat, 50 m2, 1 double bed, exclusive terrace accessible by stairs and communal terrace with Faros
Our homes are appropriate for:

- Those who love living in very simple conditions (kitchen, bathroom included in each house), and do not hesitate to descend 120 steps to get to the house and to the back whenever they want go shopping, go to restaurants, etc..

- Those who love the quiet that accompanies offered unlimited view and terrace houses day and night, unforgettable experience.

- Those who like to relax on the terrace surrounded by dogs and cats in the house.

- Those who like to swim in solitude 5 minutes by a small steep path.

- Children from 5 years

Only for our residents, kayaks are available free for excursions in the area.

The jet-ski rental is to ask the owner.

A 10% discount on the total price will be applied if several houses are rented together

For winter, we offer a price depending on your application.

You can find the exact position of our homes to the following address on Com: 36, 25,22,24 N 27.37 E