General informations Santorini Oia

The Island

In Greece, Santorini, the Cyclades southermost island is one of the most spectacular place of the Mediterranean

Santorini comes from "Santo Irène", name given by the Venetians in the ages of the Crusades. Its official name today is Thera, in memory of a Greek king, "Theras", the colonizer of the island in 1000 BC. That’s why we still found the name of Thera on all the offical documents (stamps, etc...), although “Santorini” stays the most popular name of the island. Santorini’s name means “a volcano crater filled with water”.

Islets located on the map, are simply the cones of the crater appearing at the surface of water. During the XXth century, took place three volcanic eruptions centered on the archipelago (Last one in 1950). In 1956, Santorini was affected by a devastating earthquake, caused by a new collapse of the hat of the crater. This disaster leaved about fifty victims and destroyed more than 2000 houses. At the moment, still very reactive, the volcao is closely watched to prevent volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. 


The village of Oia is situated on the northern tip of the Island. Situated at the edge of the cliff, its location is fascinating. The view on the Santorini Crescent is sumptuous. Oia is also well known for the charm of its sunsets on the Aegean Sea. Every evening, the southern tip of the island is a meeting place to contemplate the unique view of the sun falling down.